Robert Tinney

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About The Artist

In late 1975 the phone rang in Robert Tinney's Houston apartment. It was long distance from Carl Helmers, a friend Tinney had met several years earlier.

"We've just started a new magazine called BYTE," said Carl, "and I'm the Editor-in-Chief. Would you be interested in illustrating the covers?" Helmers sent Tinney a copy of the first issue, September '75. (One of the ads offered readers a whopping "4K RAM for your Altair for only $185 assembled!") Tinney heard opportunity knocking, and his first BYTE cover appeared on the December 1975 issue, at the very beginning of the personal computer revolution. The theme of that issue was, "Computers: The Ultimate Toys."

Since then Tinney has done well over 100 BYTE paintings; his popular BYTE covers have been shown at the prestigious Computer Museum in Boston, and he has received numerous awards for the technical excellence and inspired themes of his illustrations. His clients include Motorola, Ford Aerospace, JDR Microdevices, QNX Software, Actel, Inc., Haestad Methods, Information Security Bulletin, and many others. His haunting images are among the most recognized in the computer industry.

In recent years, as the computer industry has turned more and more toward the Web, Tinney has moved into computer graphics, producing wholly digital images for Internet companies such as WebMovie.Com. He has also produced 3-D models and animations for multimedia entertainment, using the industry standard modelling application 3-D Studio.

Tinney creates his popular images amidst the bayous and live oaks in the heart of Cajun Louisiana. His studios claim the upper story of an historic, antebellum country home which he and his wife Susan are working to restore.