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How a B&B/Portrait Package Works

We offer two complimentary nights at the Tinneys' Crawford House B&B for clients who are commissioning at least a 16" X 20" portrait, or two smaller portraits. Furthermore, if the artist can shoot the photos for your portrait during your stay (thus saving himself a road trip), then you may also deduct $200 from the cost of your painting!

Of course, you may use your complimentary nights any way you wish. But the following scenario illustrates how clients can take advantage of the B&B / Portrait Package:

  • After contacting the artist and expressing an interest in an oil portrait, you make your reservation for your first complimentary night at The Crawford House, the Tinneys' National Register home built in the middle 1850s by steamboat captain William Crawford. During your stay, which includes a generous breakfast prepared by Susan Tinney, you will be able to see several original Tinney portraits and paintings, as well as discuss the details of your own painting with the artist. If, at the end of your stay, you have decided, for whatever reason, not to commission a Tinney portrait, then your overnight stay in Washington will still be free of charge, in appreciation for your time and consideration.

  • If you do decide to commission a painting, then you will schedule your second complimentary visit to The Crawford House. If you wish, you may have the artist shoot some preliminary photos during your first stay, but it is usually during your second visit that Tinney will shoot photos in several sessions -- and in various locations -- to ensure that he has the images he needs for painting your portrait. (In case last minute bad weather threatens to prevent outdoor photos, we might need to give you a rain check for you last visit...)

  • Your portrait will usually be completed 4 to 6 weeks after your second stay at The Crawford House, depending on the artist's schedule.

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